As a business, direct mail remains one of the best methods to advertise your products and services. The problem is one may find lots of junk mail, flyers and credit card offers in the mail box. Majority of customers usually toss out the junk mail without taking a second to read through the message.

This is a big problem for the business as the message they intended to send across will not reach the targeted audience. So, how can a business make direct mail marketing to be appealing to its target audience?

Here are secrets shared by Young Entrepreneur Council members.

1. Think out of the box
As said earlier, it is common for consumers to toss out junk mail without taking a second to read the message contained in it. If a business continues to send direct mail to the consumer using the same tactic, the business will end up losing a lot in terms of customers and revenue. To send the message across, think out of the box.

2. Avoid overloading information
Let’s face it. Consumers have a short attention span. By overloading a flyer with information, consumers will simply take a brief look at it and toss it away. If you use brief messages that excite, the consumers will immediately digest the information being communicated.

3. Add something exciting
Studies reveal that consumers will likely open a direct mail send to them if the business adds a surprise inside. It may be a product sample for example new fragrance or new makeup samples. Doing this will ensure 100% open rate thus attracting consumers to your business.

4. Send creative messages
It is common for most business to try and take the opportunity of adding more information about its brand, products and services in the direct mail. This is not advisable. Sending a creatively packaged message to your target audience will ensure that more customers will purchase your products and services.

5. Add something useful
Businesses hand out promotional products during trade shows as a way of attracting customers. What if the promotional product was included in the direct mail? Not only will it increase the open rate but it will prompt the customers to learn more about your brand. Next time you send out direct mail, add a branded pen or something else useful.

6. Tailor messages to your target customers
Market research is a great opportunity for the business to learn how its products and services are serving the customers and also to know more about the customer. With the information gathered about customers, you can now tailor messages thus driving sales.

7. Utilize MailLift
What is MailLift? This refers to an API for direct mail marketing which can be integrated with your CRM system allowing you to send messages directly to your customers. The API also allows you to customize mail thus increasing your ROI.

8. Let your message stand out
You need to understand that your business is not the only one that uses direct marketing. To ensure your messages stand out from the crowd, deliver curated content or use punch-outs.

9. Partner with a complementary company
Doing so will increase value to your direct mail content. Partnering with a complementary company allows you to take advantage of their customer base.

10. Stamp your direct mail
What you need to know is that customers know when a piece of direct mail comes from a person or a machine. To differentiate and personalize your direct mail, stamp it. Don’t use metered mail.