Last week Emily from Green Apple Food Therapy asked where is a good source for images. Images are extremely important in creating interest and standing out on Facebook. You can also use them for linking to your blog posts from Pinterest. I personally think this the way to go!

So where can you get free images. Here are a few ideas:

  • Wikipedia
  • MorgueFiles
  • Stock.xchng
  • Open ClipArt
  • Flickr – not all images though
  • Photo Dropper Plugin for WordPress
  • You can also shoot something yourself and transfer it to your computer.
  • Infographics are made to be shared. These are graphic images with lots of text. They will usually have the creator’s website as part of the text. You may use these. Just google “infographic” and your keyword.

Here is an example of an infographic

Created by Customer Magnetism, an award winning Internet marketing agency. If you need something specific and want a higher quality picture, I like to use Fotolia. These are not free images, but there is a lot of variety and they are inexpensive.

Some quick tips about photos

  • For using on the internet, your photo’s resolution only needs to be 72 dpi
  • Image size: the largest they probably need to be is and 600 pixel width. Usually in my blog posts I upload them at that size and then display them around 300 pixels.
  • Crop out distractions and junk
  • jpg or png files are recommended
  • Try to use standard size photos or squares, avoid very wide pictures. The exception is if you are creating/using an infographic.

Easy photo editing:

The best site I’ve found online for editing pictures is You can crop, resize and add text. It is free to use.

Most computers these days have some simple photo software on them. You can try that out. But you might want to use

If you want a high piece of software that is free, try Gimp. It is open source and very similar to Photoshop.

Some notes from a previous post…

Creating Photos to Engage

With Facebook’s new design changes, the pictures on your profile page are more important than ever. The day I made the switch I realized that I didn’t have any pictures other than my profile. Yikes!

Be sure to have a nice cover image. This is the one across the top of your page. Limit the text.

Photo ideas:

  • Products you sell
  • Favorite customers, clients, vendors
  • Create an ad (be wary of small type)
  • Screen shots (PC function button + print screen)

Your challenge for the week:

Check out some of these resources and share pictures in your blog posts and/or Facebook pages. Look at what other businesses in your niche are doing. What kind of text are they using? What are they saying? How are they merging text and pictures so things are more effectively getting traffic from Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn to their websites? Make notes. I’d love to get your feedback/insight on our Facebook page.