EDDM or Every Door is an effective marketing tool that helps to create brand awareness. As a service offered by the US Postal Service, it helps to create awareness in your local community by ensuring your target customers receive a postcard.

Here are the top 5 advantages of using EDDM’s.
1. Eliminates the need for a mailing list
Unlike email marketing that primarily depends on an email list, EDDM does not. As a result, you don’t have to purchase a mailing list in order to send your postcard. By choosing EDDM, the carrier will bring your message right to the customer’s doorstep. Not only will you save time and money but you will have time to focus on your marketing efforts. The EDDM program has a great EDDM route tool.

2. Its affordable
As said earlier, using EDDM saves you money on postage, printing and mailing lists. Since you are using EDDM to market your brand among the local community, you don’t have to endure the costs of sending mail to a great distance.

3. More space for your message
With a postcard, you have a lot of creative freedom. You can craft the postcard by adding brief punchy phrases, images and your business logo. That is not all. You still have space to add coupons, sale announcements and more.

4. Suitable for different businesses
If you are running a dry cleaning business, print shop or restaurant, then EDDM is perfect for you. You can add coupons, sale announcement and more.

5. Flexible formatting options
There are several formats that allow you to grab the customers’ attention easily. Select large postcards as they grab attention much easier. With the large postcard, you can include stories or announce upcoming sales. As long as you keep within the EDDM limits, you are good to go.