As a business person, you probably sent one or several postcards to your family members and friends when on business travel or vacation. The point of doing so was to inform the receiver of your whereabouts.

If you are running a business, then you need to use post cards – the mini billboards of marketing – to drive customers to your business.

Here are 10 post card marketing ideas to implement.
1. Keep it simple
It is a common practice among business to include a lot of information in a postcard as a way of getting the message across to the target customers. What businesses don’t know is that overloading a post card with information, photos, colors and contact information will only confuse the customer leading to the post card being dumped in the rubbish bin.

To ensure the customer reads the message and acts as you want, keep the message brief and punchy Use short headlines, high quality and glossy images. Incorporate a call to action message too.

2. Select your target customers
Where are your customers residing? Are there new residents who have moved in the area? Learning more about your customers allows you to collect useful data and information for example age, hobbies, lifestyle and income. Using this information, you can send a post card before your competitors do.

3. Make it pocket friendly
Post cards have been around for more than a century and even in today where technology has made it easier for businesses to market. They are inexpensive allowing business to reach their target customers much easier. Use postcards to advertise your brand, products, services and special sales events.

4. Personalize the post card
A personalized post card is a great way of saying “you can trust me with your business.” To make it personal, use brief and punchy messages. Include short headlines and call to action message that instructs customers to act immediately. Don’t forget to personally sign and stamp the post card.

5. Make your postcard eye catching
Today, technology has provided thousands of tools that enable the development of stunning and attractive post cards. Hiring a professional graphic designer to create your post cards will stimulate interest and attract attention from your target customers.

6. Track your postcards
Without tracking, you will never know if the post card reached the intended customer. One sure way that will work is by requesting the customer to visit the store and use the post card to redeem a discount. This is great way of telling the customer thank you thus retaining them.

7. Target customers with the right message
Sending a general message to your customers may work for the first time but not always. To target your customers, add a different message to each post card. This will allow your customers to feel special. For example, address the customers by their name.

8. Brand the post cards
Branding your post cards allows you to create awareness. Furthermore, it allows customers to identify with your brand and not your competitors. So, add your business name and logo before sending the post card.

9. Have a multi-faceted approach
Post cards can be handed out at trade shows or pinned on bulletin boards. To ensure customers are able to save the postcard always, add something special for example a refrigerator magnet or a famous landmark photo.

10. Select the right channel
To send post cards with product offers you don’t want your competitors to know, choose the right channel. This will ensure that your trade secrets and information remains only between your business and your target customers.